Fine Quality, Resin Coated Sands

The UK’s largest producer of resin coated sands, a key supplier to the UK automotive industry supply chain and a supplier of the highest quality equestrian sands.

Yorkshire Mineral Company Ltd operates a silica sand quarry and a resin coating facility in Burythorpe, North Yorkshire. DSC_4581_Localtone 1280x717jpg

The Company can trace its operational heritage back for over 60 years and so the Company has an enviable wealth of experience in both quarrying and in resin coating the sand it extracts from its quarry. This long and fine heritage ensures the Company’s customers of both a quality assured product and a first-class professional service. The markets which the Company serves are as follows:

·         Equestrian and leisure markets for the highest quality silica sand;

·         Foundry and industrial markets for resin coated silica sand and washed and dried sand.

For the equestrian and leisure markets, the Company is fortunate to have huge reserves of the highest quality silica sand which has been used in both the construction of private arenas and international horse shows.

In the foundry and industrial sector, the Company is the UK’s largest producer of resin coated silica sand and the Company is proud to supply its quality assured resin coated sand to both the UK and overseas markets. The Company is part of the Cornwall Holdings Group and that Group also owns one of the UK’s largest and most successful foundry companies. As such Yorkshire Mineral Company is in the unique position to be able offer its customers not only the wealth of knowledge and experience that it possesses in the resin coating, but it can also draw on the foundry expertise the exists within the Group.  

The Company is ISO 9001: 2015 registered.


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